STORE We all understand the impact of exponential data growth, whether it's photos/videos on mobile devices, documents with important information or the latest music that you enjoy. Storing all this data centrally, simply and cost effectively can be a big challenge.
Not any more! SaaSifyVault solves your data headaches with a simple to use, intuitive and always accessible interface. Store as much as you like in the Cloud, the way you want to from any device you own. aegisStore gives you the control over your data anywhere, anytime.
SHARE There are always occasions when we want to share some of our documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, videos or other files with friends, colleagues, partners, customers or suppliers. Email works really well if the file is small enough but this can be very difficult when the files are large or when you need to share more than one.
SaaSifyVault remedies this problem almost instantly. Sharing gives you the power to identify individual files or whole folders and "invite" friends or colleagues to view just those files online without any onerous downloads.
SECURE Knowing all our information is safe and secure is critical in todays digital world. Knowing it can't be snooped on when uploading or download, accessed and read by prying eyes once it is stored, or intercepted by malicious hackers and nefarious identity thieves.
SaaSifyVault makes all this possible with secure 24x365 banking level encrypted access to your personal information located in a highly secure data center facility within the United Kingdom.

eMail: Eamonn Killian
Phone: +44 7896 103881